Decision tool

This decision tool is intended for companies who want to optimise their internal training with the help of innovative learning technologies. It gives you a list of learning technologies that, based on your input, meet your requirements.

The tool is based on a number of questions:

  • the purpose of the training
  • the target group of the training
  • the number of participants
  • the type of skills to be trained
  • the available budget
  • ...

When filling in the answers, one should have a concrete learning question/situation in mind that he wants to solve within his company or organisations.

The tool will analyse your answers and generate a top 5 of learning technologies with the greatest potential to offer a solution to the concrete learning need of the company. This proposal is purely indicative and exploratory. The final decision of course belongs to the company itself.

If need be, companies also have the opportunity to consult the technical data sheets of each technological learning tool separately on this website.

Learning content

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