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Discover the potential of innovative learning technologies and offer customized training to your trainers

With the BHC21 project, the partners are exploring how innovative learning technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, webinars...) can best be integrated into technical training programs to make them more accessible to low-skilled people.

This page will introduce you to different learning technologies and discover their potential for training programs.

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Virtual reality movie

Virtual Reality (VR)


Virtual Reality (VR) is a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that can be explored and interacted with through various senses.

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A webinar is a workshop or presentation delivered over the Internet in real time. A webinar is similar to a lecture where a keynote speaker presents in front of a room of interested participants.

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BHC21 Serious Gaming



A game or a "serious game" is a way of learning through play. Games are increasingly being used as a learning tool in companies with the goal of teaching or practicing skills.

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BHC21 Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality


Augmented reality adds a layer of digital information to the physical world. You can experience it using smartphones and tablets, smart glasses or digital projections.

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BHC21 Instructional Video

Instruction video


An instructional video is a video that demonstrates a process, conveys knowledge, explains a concept, or shows someone how to do something.

Read more about the instructional video as a learning technology here or watch the video.

BHC21 Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom


A virtual classroom is a digital learning environment that allows trainers and trainees to interact online in real time. In some cases, a group of trainees is present in a physical classroom while other participants participate in the training virtually. In this case, we speak of hybrid classrooms.

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Interactieve video

Interactive video


An interactive video is a video in which interactive elements are added. This allows users to click, drag, scroll... to interact with the content.

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BHC21 Online Courses

Online courses


Online courses are asynchronous courses which are delivered over the Internet. They consist of several learning modules that can be completed at one's own pace and in any order. With an online course, one has complete control over their learning process.

Read more about online courses as a learning technology here or watch the video here.

Mixed reality

Mixed Reality


Just like Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality allows you to interact with the digital environments, but, unlike Augmented Reality, these digital objects will be represented in the world we perceive. An example would be a hologram.

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Online sociale learning platform


An online social learning platform is designed to organize, manage and offer learning content to learners. This is a great way to quickly exchange information and collaborate with other learners anywhere, anytime.

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Afbeelding Social robots

Social robots


A social robot is a system developed with artificial intelligence in order to interact with humans and other robots. Learning with a social robot can be used for simple spoken interactions. For example, the robot asks a multiple-choice question, listens to the spoken answer, provides feedback and adjusts its guidance accordingly. With such robots, learners can learn new things in a fun and interactive way.

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Thumbnail podcast



Podcasts are (free) audio files that you can download or listen to over the Internet. They are a great way to teach your employees valuable information or make them aware of important issues.

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