Work Placement • 02 July 2021

Trainees Start Work Placements at Geku

Two BHC21 trainees in the UK started their, six-week, engineering work experience placements in June.

Two BHC21 trainees in the UK started their, six-week, engineering work experience placements in June 2021. Carl and Isabelle began their work placements with Geku, after showing an interest in robotic and automation systems.

This work experience gives the trainees an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and engineering skills they have acquired whilst training with Mid Kent College and The University of Greenwich. Isabelle and Carl will pick up many new engineering skills and experiences whilst on placement, find out what it is really like to work in the exciting world of engineering and the varied careers available.

Innovative Learning Technologies, (ILTs), have been used in their skills training including Virtual Welding and video instruction. The project hopes to prove these ILTs will speed up the time it takes to acquire new skills and support training.

Roger Larcombe, Geku, said:

Geku is an advanced Robotics and Automation company working in many different industries in the UK and abroad. We are keen to encourage learning in Engineering, which is a significant growth area going forward. A shortage of skills means that a formal education, alongside training in house, is often the best way to get the capabilities we need. We are very pleased with the students’ progress so far and they have learned many practical skills in this process.

Isabelle, one of our trainees said:

The course gave us knowledge and experience of fabrication skills, different branches of engineering and enabled the group to obtain a qualification in welding. Learning technical skills at college were vital to the work placement at GEKU and helped me to produce orders for clients.

It is hoped the training and experience the trainees acquire will encourage them to pursue careers in the engineering sector.

Good luck to our trainees on their placements and their future careers.