Realisation • 27 July 2023

Sirris opens new experience center for training operators (part 2)

Sirris opens new experience center for training operators (part 2)

Innovative work cells

"Visitors first get a demonstration of the work cells. Afterwards, they can start experiencing with the cells on themselves. The assambly pieces lie on a mobile material cart. Either they use this to make a dolly - a kind of transport cart on wheels commonly used in factories - or a smart light tower. When you connect the light tower to a machine, it indicates whether it is working properly or defective. In time, we will also be able to assemble other smart devices in the work cells."

"The innovation of the work cells lies in the in the technologies they are equipped with. Such as a tablet with digital work instructions. In many factories, those kinds of instructions are simply on a sheet of paper, but a tablet is much more efficient and more reliable. The cells are also equipped with a hand tracking system - a very new technology that uses ultrasound to monitor whether the operator is taking the right part from the right tray."

"We are also going to work with smart glasses. These are AR glasses that help operators make fewer mistakes. For example, if something goes wrong while operating at the machine, a supervisor can take it over on distance through the glasses and help solve the problem. This way, the problem is solved and the operator has learned to handle problems."

"The work cells are very flexible: we can prepare them for a new application in no time. They are also height-adjustable - so very ergonomic."

"All the technologies which we demonstrate in our experience center have one thing in common: they are very user - friendly since they are designed to answer the learning and support needs of the low-skilled workers. There's often complex software behind it, but it's important that people get away with it quickly."

"We have developed the work cells ourselves, based on existing technology. If companies or organizations want to use these technologies within their own context, we can help them work out a concept. If they want to purchase an application, we refer them to specific suppliers."

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