Realisation • 27 July 2023

Sirris opens experience center for new training technologies (part 1)

Plenty of innovative technologies that support low-skilled people for jobs in industry are being developed. Only: companies are not always familiar with them. Sirris, one of the partners of BHC21, wants to increase the knowledge and skills of companies around technologies by developing a brand new experience center on its site in Kortrijk.

Filiep Vincent (project engineer at Smart & Digital Factory): "Sirris is a neutral knowledge institution for the technology sector in Belgium. We help companies to innovate their products and processes. We have about 160 employees, spread over eight sites. With the site in Kortrijk, we are a partner in the BHC21 project."

"In our sector, we work together with many assembly companies. These companies deliver customized work to their clients, and their jobs are much more complex than before. As a result, many companies are having a hard time recruiting qualified staff. At the same time, many low-skilled people do not find their way to the labor market. The BHC21 project wants to address this gap between companies and job seekers."

Getting started

"At our site in Kortrijk, we will open in March 2023 an experience center. Companies, but also training institutions such as Syntra or the VDAB, will be able to test new technologies to train and support the low-skilled operators."

"The new experience center consists of two work cells. The cells are quite similar in their set up but they target a different audience. 'The training cell' is designed to train starting operators. 'The production cell' simulates an assembly line and is designed for operators who already have a little more experience."

"To be clear, the experience center of Sirris is not aimed directly at low-skilled people, but rather at companies and organizations which wish to skill and upskill their people with no diploma. Sirris will show companies how they can do this with the help of technology."

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